As the 100 degree heat shimmers in the twilight over the lakes and valleys of West Texas, you can hear the plaintive howling of the coyotes. But what’s that din? The clanking of metal on metal, the grind of heavy machinery. A factory? An oil rig running at full blast? No, it’s the band GRADY, the self proclaimed kings of a new musical genre, Cowboy Metal. From the Gulf of Mexico, to the most Northern reaches of Canada, GRADY tells the story of a man obsessed. He’s a trucker whose “eyelids are bringing me down”. He’s a man in love with Annie Lee, whose “love made a mess outta me”. A story of kings and queens, boots or hearts, rivers of whiskey, blackass women, and saints and sinners. GRADY is as good as dead, and when he dies, you can look for his bones in Alberta, that’s if you can find them under 6 feet of snow. Fronted by Gordie “Grady” Johnson, his unique and powerful guitar stylings blow the cobwebs off that bottle of tequila sitting on the back shelf. Big Ben grinds out the bottom end at the lowest frequencies seen this side of The Rio Grande. And Trinidad Leal hammers out the beat like a 500 pound jackhammer. When Gordie decided to unplug from the commercial music industry, he headed south from Canada in 2004 with longtime sidekick Big Ben to start GRADY, making Austin, Texas their new homebase. GRADY quickly bacame an Austin staple winning Best New Band at the 2005 Austin Music Awards. After releasing their debut CD “Y.U. SO Shady?” independently, they were “discovered” by Jello Biafra after a South By Southwest show and given a new home on his legendary label Alternative Tentacles. “Y.U. So Shady?” was also released in Europe on alternative metal label Voices Of Wonder. In 2007 GRADY released the sophomore CD “A Cup Of Cold Poison” to universal acclaim and much hard touring. In 2009 they started recording and writing their third CD “Good As Dead”, slated for release in Canada on C12 Records October 20th. GRADY’s live show is a spontaneous subsonic combustion that swerves between punk rock agro and field holler hypnosis. As Jello Biafra once enthused “These guys are the missing link between Junior Brown and Black Flag”. Quotes “Grady” is a thundering Texas locomotive flying down the tracks with a sound that will convince you Motörhead has joined forces with John Lee Hooker” “Soaking wet with Texas bluesy twang on a foundation of earthquaking distorted bass rumble, the sheer power on this CD leaves little doubt about the size of these boys’ cajones” “Gordie "Grady" Johnson unleashes his guitar like a starving hellhound with a fresh whiff of raw meat” “The overall sound is lean and nasty. The sinuous guitar work punctuated by a monstrous sprawling bass and gunshot drumming”