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Goose is an electro-rock band from Belgium that most international music buffs know through their contributions to TV adverts and shows, movies, and video games. Formed in Kortrijk over the summer of 2000, Goose still boasts a steady lineup of four initial members – Mickael Karkousse, Dave Martijn, Tom Coghe, and Bert Libeert.

Despite their apparent talent and quirky approach to electronic music, Goose didn’t get a chance for a commercial breakthrough until 2006, when they signed their first record deal with Skint Records. The band’s debut album Bring It On was released that same year, immediately launching them to fame across Europe, Australia, and Japan.

Goose went on to release three successful albums more – Synrise in 2010, Control Control Control in 2012, and What You Need in 2016. With dance-punk synthesizers being their signature shtick, the band sounds far more energetic when heard live. They are often on tour, so make sure to catch them on the road. Book your Goose tickets today.