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Nathan Merrill is a DJ and producer based in Los Angeles, better known as Eliminate. He showed interest in music from the earliest age so he started taking piano lessons as a kid. It wasn’t long before his love of music transcended this instrument, so he took up drums and the trumpet. After attending Washington University and getting a communications degree, he decided to dedicate more time to his music.

With a strong base, he started creating electronic music, much different from what he makes nowadays. However, he soon discovered dubstep and it was love at first sight. He began experimenting with music more and more, and suddenly, the sound we all recognize today was born.

Eliminate issued his first EP called Gravity in 2014. It was an instant hit, topping the charts and giving Eliminate the much-needed confidence to become a full-time musician. It gave him wings to start creating hit after hit and to perform in front of an evergrowing crowd. Grab your tickets today and see Eliminate on stage.