Dirty Heads

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The Dirty Heads is a unique group that mixes rock, reggae, and hip-hop with the positive and laid-back attitude California is known for. The band was formed in Huntington Beach, California in 2003 when Dustin Bushnell and Jared Watson started a project that would combine rocky grooves and rap. Soon enough, they added a drummer, Jon Olazabal, and started performing as a trio.

After a lot of complications, they released their first album in 2008 titled “Any Port in a Storm” which had one of the song’s topping the Billboard Alternative Songs Chart in 2010. Their second release, “Cabin by the Sea”, was released in 2010 and this album was re-released as an acoustic version.

Their third album had the most success and it climbed the number 8 position on the Billboard Top 200 chart and climbed various other charts up to the very top. In January 2019, the group released their latest single “Listen to Me” and they are still active. To see their show, get tickets today.