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Definitive comes from Los Angeles and is currently one of the most popular dubstep DJs in the US. While his true identity remains a secret, Definitive is known to be a part of a Dubstep Collective, a group of dubstep and electro music DJs who are totally open to experimenting and enriching their sound with numerous elements for almost every music genre known to man.

Definitive started small, doing covers of popular songs before he met his pals and decided to join forces to take over the American dubstep scene. The timing was right, the collective made all the right moves, and after a couple of huge shows throughout the country, Definitive made his breakthrough and the word about his skills and collective got out.

Big names in the world of music started asking questions about him, offering him to do remixes of their songs. This is what rose him to fame and gave him just enough popularity to start working with all the most important artists in the realm of dubstep, hip hop, pop, and more. Get your ticket today and experience something new and thrilling.