Damar Jackson


Damar Jackson BIO (Singer/Songwriter/Producer) It’s hard to miss Damar Jackson when he walks into a room. His 6’1” frame crowned by shoulder length locks renders even more impressive by confidence that makes it clear he knows exactly where he comes from and where he belongs. Warranted confidence--the singer-songwriter-producer born and raised in DeRidder, LA follows in the footsteps of great contemporaries such as Ledisi, Lil Wayne, Kevin Gates, August Alsina, and Frank Ocean, all who have gobbled up rhythmic lessons in the regions rich musical landscape. Besides that, Damar Jackson has already put points on the board having contributed his songwriting and production prowess to the success of K-Camp’s debut release, Onl y Way Is Up, with “ Comfortable,” a song that has seen more than 45 million views & is certified platinum on Vevo. Under the tutelage of Family Ties Entertainment industry executives J.R. McKee and Leland “Big Fruit” Clopton , Damar continues to perfect his craft. In addition to his musicianship, Damar has also learned the business side of the record business, studying the A&R and marketing process intently while constantly making himself an asset to the Family Ties team. “It’s been amazing to witness Damar’s growth firsthand,” says Fruit, with whom Damar shares quite a few co-production credits. “I’m sure he’s going to have an advantage over his peers due to his music business insight and he undoubtedly adds a refreshing energy to the industry as a singer, songwriter, and musician.” But there is more, once the multi-instrumentalist steps onto a stage, it becomes absolutely undeniable: R&B newc omer Damar Jackson is a star. He honed his skills early as a young prodigy. At the age of nine, Jackson had already mastered the drums and began playing and performing for his church. His mother, also a singer in the church, fully nurtured his talent, enrolling him in music lessons as soon as she discovered her son’s innate talent. By the time he was in high school, Damar knew exactly where he was headed; the only question was how. “When I was in high school, if you wanted to get money you were either selling candy, drugs or mixtapes,” he recalls. “So I had this song I wrote with my boy. I figured out how to record it on my keyboard and put that one song on a bunch of blank CDs.” Damar Jackson succeeded in selling eighty copies of that self-recorded CD single, it was then that he knew he would have to find a way out of Louisiana in order to reach his destiny. A band scholarship would lead him to the University of Louisiana at Monroe, and while there, Damar continued to create opportunities to promote his music all while honing his craft. “The whole time I was in school, I was creating my sound,” he says. “I turned my room into a recording studio.” As he wrote and produced his own music, he became a resource for others looking for a producer, allowing him to fully develop his skills in the recording process. As a performer, he booked and promoted his own shows, which lead to opportunities to open for artists like Bobby V , Day 26 and Ludacris . As he prepared for graduation as a Mass Communications major, a chance Twitter encounter lead him to an internship with Def Jam Records’ Atlanta office. With $300 to his name, Damar set course for his future and has yet to look back. Today, he stands prepared to apply what he’s learned as he presents his music to the world. Damar Jackson’s candor allows him to offer fans a level of honesty and vulnerability in his music rarely seen in today’s R&B. His debut EP "Unfaithful" in which he revisits the last days of the relationship that sustained him during his early years in Atlanta, is an emotional rollercoaster; both musically and lyrically. “We got to a point where she saw the success coming,” he explains, “but even though I thought we had been preparing for the late nights and work trips, it started driving her crazy.” As he puts the finishing touches on his debut album, from which the single is drawn, Damar Jackson promises more of the same, “I tell the truth about what men really feel about relationships but aren’t honest about how they deal with the consequences and outcome and how it really affects them.” With this project nearly ready for the public, Damar Jackson is already setting his sights on the future, and not just as an artist, but also as a multi-faceted force for years to come. Follow Damar Jackson’s journey: Twitter: @DamarJackson Instagram: @DamarJackson Soundcloud.com/damarjackson