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Cheat Codes is an American electronic trio from Los Angeles, California. The group was formed in 2014 in LA by members Kevin Ford, Trevor Dahl, and Matthew Russel and in 2015 they debuted with their first single titled “Visions”. All of the members were active musicians before they formed their group and they had distinctive styles.

This has translated into Cheat Code’s music that varies from typical warm and mellow pop tunes, to full on banging house sounds. They quickly released their second single “Don’t Say No” after “Visions” and two more singles. They built a bit of hype online around their music and toured with Chainsmokers and earned this recognition to release new singles that brought them more exposure.

Their song “No Promises” with the collaboration of Demi Lovato brought them international fame and the single went platinum in the US, Europe, and Australia. They continued to release successful singles until 2018 and, that same year, they released their first EP titled “Level 1”.

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