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Caspa is an acknowledged dubstep music producer from West London. His real name is Gary McCann and he was born on May 30, 1982. But Caspa was not interested in a music career at first.

He started out as a basketball player. Unfortunately, he had to say goodbye to this dream due to a shoulder injury. He debuted with an EP under the name Quiet Storm. Over the course of his career, he changed his pseudonym several times.

Caspa got recognition after releasing his debut single “Bassbins”. The song was played on BBC Radio 1, and Caspa immediately became a national star.

He is famous for his live performances which, in the end, lead to Caspa tickets becoming a hot selling item in the UK. Over his career, Caspa performed on a number of music festivals.

But, his career took a turn for the better when he got invited to perform at Global Gathering and Glastonbury. Finally, his solo album “Everybody’s Talking, Nobody's Listening” came out in 2009 which he released under his own label Sub Soldiers/Fabric Records. To catch him live, get tickets today.