Cannibal Corpse



Death Metal band formed in Buffalo, New York, 1988. Cannibal Corpse have accumulated an enormous following since their inception and are officially the top-selling death metal artists of all time in the US. The band have also been accused of "undermining the national character of the United States" and seen their albums and indeed, themselves, banned in several countries. Germany, for example, banned the group from performing all material up to and including until 2006. Current members: George "Corpsegrinder" Fisher: vocals (1996-) Pat O'Brien: guitar (1997-) Rob Barrett: guitar (1994-1997, 2005-) Alex Webster: bass (1988-) Paul Mazurkiewicz: drums (1988-) Former members: Chris Barnes: vocals (1988-1995) Bob Rusay: guitar (1988-1993) Jack Owen: guitar (1988-2004) Jeremy Turner: guitar (2004)