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Buck-O-Nine is an American ska punk band which was formed in San Diego in 1991. The band has toured internationally and released several albums and EPs, as well as appearing on compilations and film soundtracks. During the mid-to-late 1990s, they experienced mainstream success with the release of the album Twenty-Eight Teeth and its most successful single, My Town. Estimates put combined worldwide album sales at approximately 400,000. As the popularity of third-wave ska waned, Buck-O-Nine stopped touring full-time in 2000, but continues to perform regularly throughout California and much of the southwestern United States. Since 2001, the band has also performed in the UK and Hawaii. Members Jon Pebsworth - vocals Dan Albert - trombone Tony Curry - trumpet Steve Bauer - drums (1991-1999, 2012-present) Jonas Kleiner - guitar Andy Platfoot - bass guitar Craig Yarnold - alto/tenor saxophone Former members Jeff Hawthorne - drums (1999-2012) Scott Kennerly - bass guitar (1991–1999) John Bell - bass guitar (1999–2001)