Boy Scouts

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Boy Scouts is the name of a music project from California by Taylor Vick who is a songwriter and singer from San Francisco. Her voice is mild, emotional, and honest, making her songs memorable. They will play in your head all day only after three minutes of the recording. Taylor was born in Manteca, California and Boy Scouts is her first musical project.

She started releasing songs at the age of 17 under the name Boy Scouts and she recorded them wherever she could. This is why her first release came with so many differently produced and mixed songs. She also plays the guitar and says that her lyrics are inspired by friendships and relationships and how one suffers after they end.

Even though Boy Scouts has a few unrounded releases, Taylor is working on her first full-length album that she will record in a studio. Throughout 2018, she toured California and the US and critics expect a lot from this project in the future.

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