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Bonobo is the project of musician, Simon Green, who was born in 1976. in Leeds, Yorkshire, England. His career started in 1999, when he debuted on Tru Thoughts Recordings’ compilation When Shapes Join Together. Tru Thoughts released his debut LP, Animal Magic, the following year and that’s when things really started to look good for Bonobo.

After switching to Ninja Tune, Bonobo went on to record another five albums from 2003 to 2017. The music Green creates as Bonobo is a surreal trip hop experience. He has incorporated jazz and downtempo with electronic music, to create one of the most unique, sample-driven, eclectic styles in this kind of music.

Green often tours solo as a DJ, but since 2004, he’s had a touring collective that performs alongside him at high-profile gigs. He’s been known to fill many famous venues, but he’s also a regular at many well-known festivals like Glastonbury or Coachella. Everyone has to witness this guy’s live performance at least once in their lifetime, so if you think that this is the right moment for you, browse for tickets today and find Bonobo’s show best suited for you.