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ALO or Animal Liberation Orchestra is an American band that is well-known all over California for their live and eclectic jamming experiences. The band signed a record deal with Brushfire Records that belong to Jack Johnson who is a friend with the band members.

Before they managed to sign a record deal, the band released quite a few independent releases as well as one soundtrack for a movie. ALO released four full-length studio albums for Brushfire which rose them to stardom and earned them an army of fans in the United States.

With a total of nine studio albums and seven compilations, ALO is ready to take their music to a whole new level. Their last album, Tangle of Time, was released in 2015 and it saw the band in a somewhat different mood, bringing more progressive beats and complex melodies to the table while lyrically delving deeper into the spheres of psychology and social awareness and where humans stand in the order of things.

Among their numerous live performances, the one that really stands out was the sold-out Saturday late night show in the Music Hall. Catch them live and get tickets today.