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Alexandra Sholler, who goes under her stage name Alison Wonderland comes from Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, and brings with her some wicked skills as a singer, DJ, and producer. She is one of the most popular and well-known electronic dance music producers in Australia, but her real passion is singing and composing music of her own.

She loves songwriting and she has proven her skills numerous time over. She easily took over her country by storm by releasing her debut album Run. It was a huge success and her debut reached number six position on the ARIA Albums Chart that certified the album gold later. Still, it was her sophomore effort, Awake, that really rose her to fame.

It debuted at number one position Billboard's Top Dance/Electronic Albums. Such a high ranking earned her all the recognition she ever wanted, and she was included in Coachella history as one of the highest billed and most successful female DJs.

Aside from her incredible music success, she is also a well-known supporter of mental health awareness. Aside from mastering digital audio workstation, Alison plays four instruments and has an angelic voice, so get your ticket now and experience her music in all its glory.