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Adrestia is a Swedish death metal band. The band’s lineup consists of Martin, guitar and vocals, Aleksei, guitar, Mattias, bass, and Jack, drums. While Adrestia remains true to the sound of old-school death metal, there are some elements of crust punk in their music. The band is still very young, but its fan base is growing.

The number of sold Adrestia tickets during their last tour consisting of 15 shows is solid proof for this. The band started in 2015 when Martin and Jack came together to rehearse some songs. As soon as the lineup was complete, the band focused on writing songs and rehearsing them all day, every day. Their first recording came out in 2016. There were 16 tracks on it and it was done in Hobored studio, in Jönköping, Sweden.

Adrestia became immensely popular after partnering up with Martyrdöd and funding the Punks For Rojava project. Their intention to spread the awareness about the autonomous direct democratic region of Rojava in northern Syria labeled them as a political band. Adria released debut album “The Art Of Modern Warfare” in May 2017. The latest album “The Wrath of Euphrates” came out in July 2019. Get your ticket today and enjoy the shoe!