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How to use Paperless Post to send email invites to your event

Use Paperless Post to send designer invites

Are you having a classy affair and want to send out invites that are a touch fancier than usual? Eventbrite and Paperless Post have joined forces, offering you the ability to send out designer invitations to your guests so that they can register for your event. Here's how to send invites to your event using Paperless Post!


Note: If you're using our invite-only feature for your event, you will need to send email invitations from within Eventbrite, as the invite-only feature is incompatible with our Paperless Post integration. 


To use Paperless Post to send invites for an event, first create and publish your event in Eventbrite. Now click on My Events at the top of the page, and then click on the name of your published event to go to its Manage section. Select Create Invitations from the feature menu on the left side of the Manage section.


Click on the Use Paperless Post! button on the right side of the next screen. A new tab or window will open, and you will be taken to Paperless Post and prompted to sign up for a Paperless Post account.  

If you are already a member of Paperless Post, go ahead and click on Already a Member? and enter you email and password for your Paperless Post account. 


Note: If you are new to Paperless Post, you will receive an email from them once you sign up for an account, asking you to confirm your Paperless Post account.


Once logged in to Paperless Post, you can look through the available designs and select and customize the one you like best right away!

Go here to learn more about how to customize your Paperless Post invitation or get answers to frequently asked questions about Paperless Post's service.  


After selecting and customizing the card of your choice, you are able to verify and enter the details of your event as you would like them to be  presented in the invitation that you are sending to your guests.


After updating and confirming the details of your event, you may preview and send your invitations to the guests of your choice. Paperless Post offers various ways to add recipients, such as importing contacts or adding individual emails.


Note: Once you send the customized invitations to your contacts, you will be able to track the invitations in your Paperless Post account, not in Eventbrite.


When your guests receive the invitation from Paperless Post in their email inbox, they will be able to open the email and watch your beautiful invitation slide out of its envelope so that they may read the details of your event!

The guest can click on the Click to Register link or on the arrow pointing to the right in order to see the ticket form and register for your event.

Once the guest selects the quantity of tickets that they would like to order and clicks on the Order Now button (or the Register button if your event is free) they will be sent to your event page on Eventbrite. There, they can enter their information and complete their order for your event. 


Congratulations! You've successfully sent out some great-looking invitaitons to your guests!


Note: When you sign up for an account with Paperless Post, they do offer you a limited quantity of stamps and coins to use to send your invitations. You can go here for more information on Paperless Post's pricing.

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