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Home Help Center QuickStart: Charity Event Registration

QuickStart: Charity Event Registration

QuickStart: Event pages for charity events

Having a charity event you'd like people to register online for? This tutorial will
show how to quickly set up a registration page for your upcoming benefit!

Eventbrite lets you do all these things and more...

Here's a handy tutorial video. You can also find written instructions below:

How to setup your charity event:

Creating a new fundraiser page with Eventbrite is very easy!
If you already have an Eventbrite account, log in to your account to get started. If you're new to Eventbrite, click here to sign up.


On the Event Creation page, the event details you enter (Title, Tickets, Details, When, Where, etc) appear on the page in the same place that they will appear on your live event registration page.

Note: You can preview your work at any time by selecting the Preview button in the upper left hand corner.

Here is more information about each section of the event creation page:

Charity Event Title - enter the name of your event.

Logo - upload a picture for your event page.

Ticket Information - Enter ticket types for your charity event. This is how contributors will pay to attend your fundraiser. Or if your fundraiser is free, they simply signup at no cost for you or them. In this section, you'll also indicate how you'd like to be paid (PayPal, Google Checkout, or offline). You can also accept contributions in addition to ticket sales. To learn more details about collecting donations, click here.

Fundraiser Details - describe your charity event and include any details you'd like your attendees to know. This section reads HTML and you can customize this section with the HTML toolbar.

When - indicate when your event will take place (make sure to choose the correct time zone).

Where - indicate where your fundraiser will take place. You can include a Google Map to the event location on your event page.

Personalized URL - choose a personalized URL name for your fundraiser (e.g.

Colors - choose from preset color templates or customize your own colors for the event page.

Additional Options - choose from a variety of optional features including password protecting your charity event page, showing how many tickets remain for your event, showing the attendee list on the page, and making your charity event public.


Select the Publish button and your event registration page will be live! Click here to learn more about the other features you can use for your event!

New /Create Instructions:

Eventbrite lets you do all these things and more...

Here's a handy tutorial video. You can also find written instructions below:


To get started, first sign up for a free Eventbrite account or log in to your existing Eventbrite account and create an event.

If you’d like to edit an already-created event, click My Events at the top of the screen and then click on Edit to the right of your event’s name.

How to create ticket types


On the Event Creation page, start with Step 1: Add your Event Details and enter Your Event Title, Location, Date & Time of your event, the Event Details and the Organization/Host of the fundraiser/charity event.

Note: When entering your location, you can type your event's address and the map of the current location and an auto-suggest drop-down will appear. If you see the correct address pop up, simply select it. If you can't find the location, click on the Can't find your location? link at the top right of the map and enter the details there.


Now, you can create the ticket types that you'll be offering for your fundraiser. Click into the text box so that the suggested name will disappear and enter the following:Ticket Name, Ticket Quantity, and Ticket Price. Click here to learn more about creating ticket types.

You can also change the Event Capacity if your venue can only allow a limited number of people. To learn more about the Event Capacity click here.

Note: You may want to think about adding a donation ticket type so that registrants who aren't able to make your event can still contribute to your cause. For more information on collecting donations online click here.


In Step 3: Privacy Settings, you can choose if you want your event page to be Public or Private. If you only want certain people to view your even you'll want to set the event to Private, but we find that fundraisers are more successful when open to the public.

You can also customize the web address for your event page so that it's easier to access and find your event page. To change the web address, click the Change link next to the address. Click Save to ensure that the new address has been applied to your event.


You're almost done! Let's work on your event page's appearance. Make sure to Save all of your event details and then click on the Preview & Customize tab on left. Here, you can apply premade themes to your event page or Modify Colors. You'll notice you can also upload a logo for your event as long as it's saved as an image file e.g., .png or .jpg.

Note: If you want to display the names of your attendees once they register on the event page so that visitors to the page know who's coming, you can check the Display Attendees box. You're going to know who's registered for the event regardless of checking this box.


You did it! Select the Make Event Live button on the top right and your event registration page will be live so your attendees can start registering! Click here to learn more about the other features you can use for your event!

Eventbrite is free to sign up and get started.

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