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White Rock Sea Tours

White Rock Sea Tours provides thrilling whale watching adventures and harbour tours amidst stunning sceneries and wildlife. Andrew Newman started White Rock Sea Tours from a passion to share the wonders of the ocean with families, tourists, and groups in the local community. He hopes to better connect people with their natural legacy through spectacular coastal journeys, close encounters with animals, conservation, and adventure, "turning moments into memories." We are the only dedicated whale-watching company operating directly from White Rock, British Columbia.

We are a member of the Pacific Whale Watch Association (PWWA). The PWWA is agroup of Canadian and American whale-watching companies committed to research, education and responsible wildlife viewing. The PWWA supports scientific research on Southern Resident Killer Whales to increase awareness, understanding and conservation.

Our Zodiac Captains have years of experience and are serving or former members of the Canadian Coast Guard Auxiliary and Royal Canadian Marine Search and Rescue. They are Transport Canada certified to deal with safe navigation, first aid and marine emergency situations. Our staff are passionate about marine wildlife and conservation. They keep up-to-date with the latest research in marine mammal research and conservation and are happy to share their knowledge.