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Weekends Away Retreats

I have been offering economical yet fabulously fun retreats as well as unique and exciting classes since 1995 and my prices have stayed very low with purpose.  We all need time away from our daily responsibilities and being with other women is like a therapy for most of us.  I want "every woman" to be able to afford to get time away.  So... it is my pleasure to offer these events as a way for women to relax, connect and rejuvinate; but don't be surprised to find men attending the events as well.  The retreats are very unique in the fact every registration comes with table space and access to everything I offer. Women have been attending for years using this space to work on projects and crafts that they can't find the time for at home.  Many women also come with nothing in particular to do so they bring games and activities from home to share with their friends. 

We have fun with themes at each event like Tropical, La-La-Pallooza, Wine - Women and We-Laxation, Safari, Reno Casino, Mardi Gras, Winter Weekend Escape and more.  Many of my guests will decorate their area to go with the theme and even dress for it. 

I'm not a store offering canned events; I pride myself on the fact that my events are personal and well organized with an array of offerrings to appeal to everyone.  Serving my clients is my passion.  The three gifts I've been blessed with are mercy, craftsmanship and administration and they have led me to designing these events for women as well as keeping the costs way down.  It is perfectly and completely where my heart is and I hope I get the opportunity so serve you.  


Weekends Away Retreats Website

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I look forward to serving you.


Note: :Registration fees are not refundable but credits can be put on account for future events depending on when cancelation occurs.  Eventbrite fees are non- refundable.  See your welcome letter or call for further clarification