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Vitality & Wellness Coach; Patricia Becker

Helping Woman over 40 - Double their energy, Shed 10 pounds and Feel Younger!

Get the loving support you need to create wellness and vitality!

Choose using a customized basket of tools and programs.

One to One Yoga - Private Sessions allow for a more intimate view into your practice. Start a new practice, deepen your practice or spend some time healing an injury. Patricia will teach  you to experience the joy and benefits of yoga in a safe and personal way. Based on Principles of Alignment RYT®

One to One Vitalty and Wellness - Private Sessions to review where you are and where you want to be with your diet. We will make a plan how to most easily get there. We will use lots of whole foods including delicious grain, bean and vegetable dishes with the right condiments for you. This Nutritional Counseling is based on traditional eastern / macrobiotic dietary guidelines successfully followed for centuries

Breath work – to access the vital life force energy called Prana or Qi that circulates throughout the body.

Neuro-linguistic Techniques - is an approach to alter the internal dialogue and communication to change behavioral patterns to achieve your desired goals.