The Unity Council Homeownership Center

The mission of The Unity Council is to help families and individuals build wealth and assets through comprehensive programs of sustainable economic, social, and neighborhood development.


The Unity Council Homeownership Center is a local HUD- approved housing counseling agency conveniently located next to the Fruitvale BART station in Oakland, CA. Our mission is to  provide accurate, "no holds-barred" financial education, counseling and coaching to create informed & empowered consumers and default - resistant home buyers. We employ a no-nonsense approach to financial planning which empowers each client to increase control over their financial future and well-being.


Services provided by The Homeownership Center


Homebuyer Education Workshops, Counseling & Coaching: Comprehensive homebuyer education courses are offered at least twice per month throughout the year in Oakland, and once every quarter in the City of Fairfield to the north of our location. It is an 8-hour HUD-approved homebuyer education class, and participants may receive unlimited one-on-one follow up counseling and/or coaching sessions, custom designed to meet the specific financial goals of each client. 


Financial Empowerment Boot Camps, Counseling & Coaching: We now offer a number of Financial “Boot Camps”, outcome-based educational workshops designed to motivate and get results. After completing our “Fundamentals” Orientation, clients complete a number of additional Boot Camps based upon their particular needs and goals. Topics include budgeting & goal setting, financial management, savings, investing, credit repair, responsible use of credit, an inside look at the credit industry, debt reduction & elimination, taxes, insurance, lending, asset protection, and entrepreneurship. Clients receive individual counseling and are assigned to work with a financial coach for 3 to 24 months.

We also offer a five-hour computer-based Quicken® class in which clients can apply their newly-learned budgeting and financial management skills using Quicken® software. All students completing any of the Financial Empowerment Boot Camps receive a free copy of Quicken® 2010 (while supplies last!), which we received as a donation from Intuit through

 Post-Purchase (Non-Delinquency) Workshop & Counseling: While this topic is covered in every Homebuyer Education and Financial Empowerment Boot Camp, we offer quarterly Post Purchase Education seminars for homeowners who seek assistance with or education about refinancing, home maintenance, repairs & upgrades, predatory lending & community building, all geared towards building stable community and helping the homeowner remain default-resistant and safeguard their investment.

 Foreclosure Prevention Education & Counseling: Foreclosure prevention education covers topics such as explaining the foreclosure process, dealing with mortgage problems, avoiding foreclosure, refinance options, “short sales”, “short refis”, tax consequences, bankruptcy, common loss mitigation program and options. We provide free loss mitigation intervention services, assisting homeowners navigate their options, submit loss mitigation proposals, and transition out of their home gracefully where retaining the home is no longer viable.



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