The Music Business Network

The Music Business Network is an organization dedicated to connecting entertainment industry professionals, students, and musicians with the services they need in order to succeed. The Network facilitates the connection between these types of individuals (who are in need of services) to other members who supply the services they need. We host networking events, provide educational information and service, offer career guidance, and enable all members to find one another to gain assistance in furthering their career goals.


The Network is an exclusive and private entertainment industry networking, career development, and educational service. Prospective members must meet the following criteria: be an entertainment industry professional or company, student of the music and/or entertainment industries, or a musician; have a demonstrated passion for, skill in, and knowledge of the music and entertainment industry; want to actively participate in the growth of theirs and others’ respective careers; possess strong written and verbal (English) communication skills; be outgoing and personable; and have strong relationship management and interpersonal skills. Please visit our website for more information about The Network.

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