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The Axelrad Clinic

The Axelrad Clinic is a holistic health clinic specializing in natural treatment for hormonal, mind-body, autoimmune, and reproductive health issues in both males and females. Our mission is to provide the community with a resource for safe, effective natural medical care. Our modalities include acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Medicine, and nutritional wellness. We use a unique, integrated approach that combines the best of holistic, traditional energy-based medicine with modern Western scientific knowledge.

Areas of specialization include common gynecological disorders such as endometriosis, PMS, painful periods, menopause, and PMDD; reproductive issues such as infertility, poor ovarian reserve, premature ovarian failure, and PCOS; support for couples undergoing assisted reproductive treatments such as IVF and IUI; and pregnancy/post-partum issues such as morning sickness, fatigue, pain, threatened miscarriage, insufficient lactation, and post-partum recovery.

In addition, we help those with stress, weight loss, depression, and anxiety, as well as those simply seeking to balance and optimize their overall wellness.