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TekVenture Makerspace

TekVenture is Fort Wayne's only member-based 501(c) 3 public art and technology laboratory located at 1800 Broadway, Fort Wayne, IN.  Our goal is to create a public intersection between imagination, technology, art & community - a space where artists, tinkers, makers, engineers, inventors, prototypers, craftspeople, and others gather to use tools, share ideas, make things and create fellowship..


TekVenture opened Phase 1 of our project, the newly renovated Rapid Prototyping Center on 3.14/15.  Since then we've been working to bring the building to code and to build out additional labs including woodworking, maching, sewing, robotics, auto bay, and last but not least, a hot shop.  We are seeking members and volunteersat this time.


The general public can access TekVenture through workshops, events, community building projects and donations of time, materials, equipment, or money.