SubCulture Dining Ronin Consortium


The "Ronin Consortium"  

rEvolving the phylosophy of SubCulture Dining in San Francisco (SCDSF) we launch its first new embodiment of our Underground Experiences.

 We've been the proud inspiration and influence of many, in the culinary world above and below ground. In that tradition we expand the idea to launch 3 new UG Collaborations, "SCD Boucherie", "SCD CanVas", "SCD Fressen". The "Ronin Consortium" 

SCD Boucherie: An interpatation of Classic Regional American Fare with a California Cuisine Flare, brought to you by the CaliTag Team 

SCD CanVas: The new Haute Cuisine. Cal-Med inspired, technical, modern artistically inspired, brought to you by BabyCrenn 

SCD Fressen: Indo-European Cuisine with a passionate adulation to modern California Cuisine, brought to you by the Fräulein Chef