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Steve Gaskell

Vision - Action - Success



Action has been my life. Having served in the Army and on the front-line for many years, I experienced the benefits of coaching. Behind every successful sports team, athlete, Olympian, even soldiers, is a driven individual. Helping to set the vision, support the achievements and challenges to motivate and achieve peak performance and keep improving...              

‘The Coach’

A coach inspires thoughts into actions and results. In the Army I was a Master Coach and Leadership Mentor. It is this experience combined with a range of coaching skills and business acumen I deliver coaching. With the Business owner I'll prompt or provoke, persuade and promote ideas,   actions, improvements and massive developments.  My sole objective is to strengthen you, your business, the bottom line and to build results forged on success.  As a Certified Business Coach my role is simple: 


Let’s be clear there are no ‘quick fixes’ coaching takes time, commitment, focus and rapport. With clear     vision, you can act and successfully take your business from good to great.   Surely, it's time for you to be among the leaders, win acclaim, even working less,  because you work smarter. 

Action is Simple 

I’ll work with you on 5 KEY areas: 

1. Sales and Marketing; I’ll coach you and the team to develop effective marketing and improved sales techniques to increase revenue. Whether you are selling face-to-face, over the phone or web based; you’ll experience great results. 

2. Team Building and Leadership; as your ‘Team Coach and Leadership Mentor’ you’ll learn how to attract, motivate and keep the staff your business deserves. Exceptional businesses are full of ordinary people achieving accomplishment through Action. 

3. Goals and Planning; I’ll teach you to focus your team’s energy and direction. You’ll see your business shift in productivity towards extraordinary results. Benefit from the resulting large passive income, and a return on your investment. 

4. Financial Mastery; Knowing the numbers is key, understanding your profit and loss, balance sheet and cash flow, gap analysis as well as your key performance indicators. You’ll feel in full control of your business and financially confident.


5. Mindset and Discipline; As the technician of the business, ‘the expert’, you’ll have the right mindset and discipline, focus to drive your business forward.