Building affordable business applications

At Smart Solution, we use our expertise for building affordable business applications, using open-source technology. We do not look for a challenge in reinventing business software, but in making business software work for you. In our work, we aim for the essence and we take maximum benefit of what is standard available.

 Our offering

At Smart Solution, we choose, evaluate and integrate various solutions to get to the most effective open-source architecture for the mid-market and non-profit sectors.

Centered around Odoo

Our architecture is centered around Odoo, which offers comprehensive ERP, CRM and e-commerce functionality. Our framework is further completed with

  • JasperSoft for reporting and BI
  • Talend for controlled data migrations
  • Alfresco for document management.

With Odoo, you fully benefit of a new phase in the world of business software

  • no license costs
  • open for add-ons and specific customizations
  • continuously improving as a result of the interaction in a large community.