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Route To India


Nalini Mehta started teaching Indian cuisine inspired health

and wellness cooking classes 12 years ago in New York

City. She began her career in the food industry as a culinary

instructor at the Natural Gourmet Institute for Food and

Health followed by Whole Foods Culinary Center, Institute of

Culinary Education and NY Open Center teaching

vegetarian cooking classes.

She has been a speaker at a range of institutions including

Asian Art Museum, Rubin Museum of Art, Princeton

University, Baruch College and the United Nations.

Through Route To India, Mehta offers corporate team

building classes (an array of vegetarian cooking classes) all

rooted in the science and philosophy of Ayurveda, along with

annual Ayurveda Culinary trips to India. Ayurveda as an

ancient science, recognizes the innate connection between

an individual's mind, body and emotions. The philosophy of

Ayurveda helps in building connection with oneself, others

and nature, giving a more holistic approach to personality

inventory than Myers-Briggs or other psychometrics often

used in corporations to build human resource development.

Nalini is also a meditation instructor with the Art Of Living

Foundation, a non profit organization, in consultative status

at the UN, that teaches stress release workshops in over a

152 countries.

Skills & Expertise

Culinary Skills and Education  Recipe Testing Strategic

Partnerships  Sourcing  Product Development Pricing 

Sales and Marketing  Team Leadership Inventory Control

Food and Restaurants - Project Consultant

As a professional consultant, I provide expertise in recipe

development and testing, event planning, corporate and

community partnerships, marketing communications,

logistics, and branding.

As a seasoned chef and culinary expert, I create logical

instructions that are easy to follow for home cooks and

deliver reliably excellent results. Adding practical tips and

techniques that resonate with both the novice as well as an

expert cook.

As an experienced social and cultural educator, I thrive on

creating social connections and experiences through

corporate team building events, public cooking classes and

personal development workshops. Food for me is not just

the taste in your mouth but how one feels emotionally,

physically and spiritually after eating it.

Soft skills: excellent presentation skills...superb writer and graceful under pressure...resourceful in

connecting with the right people/businesses...creative artistic

eye...self starter...comfortable working with other cultures in

business environment...dynamic public speaker

Specialties: Fine culinary knowledge, staff training, social

media, event planning, brand management, sponsor

cultivation, community partnerships and promotions, public

speaking, event development, strategic planning, luxury