Rachman & Pearl

We are Party Girl Pearl & Rachman Blake. We have landed in the SF Bay Area to deliver you the ultimate nightlife experience.

We consistently spoil our guests with a distinct blend of electronic dance music and performance art, incredible set designs, interactive activites, costume contests, and giveaways. You'll find a special attention to detail and a welcoming atmosphere -- we get to know many of our guests personally, so the event feels less like a night spent with strangers, and more like a party among friends.

Once you attend Bass Cabaret, your standards for partying will be forever raised.

We want to redefine what's possible in partying.

Come out and introduce yourself at our next event and let us know if we are doing our jobs ;-)

"Party Girl" Pearl
is a burlesque artist and designer who has been throwing theme parties for as long as she can remember.

Rachman Blake
is a stand-up comedian and a DJ who has been performing and producing shows all over the world since 2010.

They love blending their worlds together for a truly memorable event that will have you and your friends talking for weeks -- maybe years -- to come.

The dynamic duo have been attending Burning Man for several years, have driven across the United States together four times, and are always up for an adventure -– like the time they went skiing on the Italian Alps, or when they took an impromptu trip to Montreal, Canada in the dead of winter (Rachman's idea, not Pearl's)!