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Projective Space

Projective Space is home to a carefully curated mix of NYC based startups and entrepreneurial ventures.  Though all of the Projective members have different trajectories and goals, they are united in a partnership that centers on a few key principles.

  • Coworking is about more than desks and seats.  Coworking communities represent an opportunity to leverage human potential and creativity across industries to drive innovation.
  • Good design can change the world.  Aesthetic considerations and interface decisions change the way people think, feel and interact.
  • Collaboration, density and juxtapositions of carefully chosen companies can result in a whole that is exponentially larger, more disruptive and more influential than the sum of its parts.
  • If you’ve got to sprint, do it with people who make you smile.

This vision, along with the love of a really good happy hour, has now taken root in two Projective locations that span the bustling heart of downtown NYC.

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