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Bottlenotes is the premier online wine community, a place where you can learn about, discuss and rate new wines. There are four ways in which members of our community interact with us and each other:

• The Daily Sip™ our e-newsletter on all things wine, reaches more than 140,000 subscribers each day. The content directs readers to interesting people and products, new grape varieties and regions, as well as interviews with the some of the most fun, innovative and provocative people in the wine world. Click here to sign up.

 Around The World in 80 Sips™, our public events attended by hundreds of consumers in San Francisco, Washington DC, Miami, Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles, Boston, Denver and New York, bring together young, professional wine enthusiasts to taste some of the world's best bottles in a fun, interactive setting. These affordable, popular tastings are held in art galleries and other creative spaces, and are highlighted regularly by Thrillist, Daily Candy, Tasting Table and Urban Daddy. Click here to learn more.


• My Bottlenotes is our simple, interactive web platform that allows community members to post and share tasting notes and ratings on wines they've recently tasted. Users can also browse for other members' notes, and buy the wines through our retail partner, Sherry-Lehmann. Click here to sign up.


• Bottlenotes Mobile is the easy-to-use iPhone app that allows anyone to rate and/or share their impressions of a wine--and tell their friends and the rest of the Bottlenotes community what they're drinking right now. Users can also read The Daily Sip on the app, as well as find other people's thoughts on a wine before buying or ordering it. Click here to download the app now.

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