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Phamily Steppers, Inc.

Phamily Steppers, Inc. is a California Public Benefit Corporation and a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization.  Our mission is to provide and serve as a leadership voice in and for the Steppin' Community.  We promote health, self-expression, and other benefits of, and in, the arts and sciences related to Chicago Style Steppin.


We offer relevant education, social events, products and services to enhance growth opportunities and the strengthening of a network of collaborators (teachers, students, artists, audiences, and consumers) in and around the Steppin' Community.  Further, we serve as an entity thru which the standardization, codification, and preservation of the history and cultural language of Steppin' will be authenticated, articulated, and shared with the world at large.


Our vision is to establish a vibrant Steppin' Community that exemplifies the beauty and eloquence of the dance and the principles of harmony.