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Periodic Assessment Professional Development

1) Data Analysis: Using Schoolnet to Access Multiple Data Sources- These half-day sessions revolve around understanding the various assessments on Schoolnet, the benefits of those assessments, and the reports that help educators make sense of assessment data.

2) Creating Educator-Authored Assessments in Schoolnet- These half-day sessions revolve around assessment philosophy (e.g. what makes a good assessment question) and assessment-creation tools on Schoolnet.

3) Professional Development Workshop- These half-day sessions provide educators who have attended previous Schoolnet professional development sessions the opportunity to bring instructional materials (reports, lesson plans, student work, etc.) to work on, in their teams. These workshops are for teams to do school work together; they are not Schoolnet trainer-led sessions.

4) Professional Development Intensive- These intensives provide educators the opportunity to experience truncated and accelerated versions of all half-day sessions in just one day.

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