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While training in traditional martial arts for the past 23 years, and working specifically in personal protective services for 5 of those years, Paul has earned a unique perspective on what works, where danger lurkes and how to manage it as effectively as possible.

Traditional martial arts often neglect the very real issue of voilence that women face today, the most prevalent of which is know assailants.  Having a system to manage your environment more successfully, knowing what you can expect, and training hands on to reduce the chances of freezing under stress can save your life.

Through years of teaching and training, he came to realize that most self defense systems only focus on one are, the target/attacker...and how to "take him down fast".  This neglects the greater parts of the encounter, and where you can avoid conflict all together if trained properly, but still be trained on managing an attacker effectively.  That is why he created the S.E.R.T.+ System, to offer a very direct way to manage each of the core 4 areas involved in any violent encounter.

Paul is a husband and father of two young daughters who will face the same forms of violence you face day to day.  He is very motivated to help turn the tide against would be attackers and teach the skills you need to make a difference.