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Our Family Coalition

Our Family Coalition promotes the equality and well-being of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer families with children. We foster community leadership in advocacy efforts that promote social justice.

Our Family Coalition has grown to have approximately 800 member families of more than 4,000 people each year, including parents/caregivers, children, youth, prospective parents, educators, service providers and many others. LGBTQ headed families live in every community throughout the Bay Area, and Our Family Coalition strives to reflect this rich multiculturalism in our work.

Our work includes offering educational programming responsive to members’ needs; increasing the visibility of LGBTQ families in the media and in political forums; training parents to advocate directly on behalf of their children to create safe and welcoming environments for their children; producing public educational materials including a quarterly newsletter, a semi-monthly e-newsletter and moderating three discussion listserves for parents; holding social forums and events and peer-peer support groups that facilitate the development of support networks for LGBTQ parents and their children and allow the children to see their families reflected in others around them.

For more about our programs and the services we offer, please visit the our website: For upcoming event, please visit the Events section of our website.


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