Nakia Angelique, CHHC

I am a happy health coach and I love teaching people that food is fun! Some of us spend agonizing moments (hours/days?) trying to figure out what to eat. We still believe that healthy means, unsatisfying, bland and, maybe even hard to swallow. When I graduated from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition I knew I wanted to help people discover the joy and pleasure of eating well.

I still eat rich foods. I still enjoy my bourbons and ports. And, I understand how to eat clean, so that I can continue to enjoy these pleasures.

I love teaching others how to do the same.

My education and formal training includes a certification from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition with advanced studies in deep tissue detox and digestive health from a functional medicine perspective. I teach meditation with an emphasis on Yoga Nidra (iRest). I am a licensed bodyworker and certified energy medicine practitioner with a deep, deep love for the soul honoring tradition found in Hawaiian Temple Lomi Lomi.

I've been blessed with incredible teachers of Ayurvedic bodywork and philosophy. I have also spent time studying essential oils with a variety of teachers focusing on chemistry, French traditional uses and vibrational applications for spiritual support. I call on plant medicine often in my work with clients.

I enjoy creating transformative experiences through retreats, workshops and classes, and providing insightful education that inspires you to feel deliciously at home in your body.