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Mollie Morning Star

As an Evidential Medium, Mollie uses her abilities to bring forth facts that prove your passed over loved ones are “alive” in Spirit, aware of your life situation, and sending you their loving support and inspiration. Mollie studied medium-ship at the Arthur Findlay College in England, the world’s foremost college for the psychic sciences. Readings are focused to prove to the living that our souls survive the change called death and provide an opportunity to reconnect with those you love.

Mollie's work is completely dedicated to assisting people to find hope and healing after loss, therefore, only offers sessions connecting to loved ones in Spirit. Sessions are also suitable for those wishing to experience the connection even if they are not dealing with grief at the current time. Sittings are available over the phone, in public group events, and for intimate family gatherings. 

Please refer to her website for a full list of upcoming events, and travel dates. Mollie travels extensively throughout the US to provide group readings.

One to one Skype or phone readings can usually be accommodated within 4-5 months and are recorded for your convenience. 

Tampa, FL               Jan 12  SOLD OUT

Milwaukee, WI         Jan 17 SOLD OUT

Chicago, IL              Jan 18  SOLD OUT

San Francisco, CA   Jan 26 SOLD OUT

Scottsdale, AZ         Jan 31 SOLD OUT

Madison, WI             Feb 9  SOLD OUT

Sheboygan, WI         Feb 23 SOLD OUT

Green Bay, WI          March 2 SOLD OUT

Manhattan, NY         March 7 

Allentown, PA           March 9 

Milwaukee, WI          March 20 SOLD OUT

Chicago, IL               March 21

San Antonio, TX       March 28

Houston, TX             March 29

Dallas, TX                March 30

La Crosse, WI           April 11

Minneapolis, MN        April 12

Eau Claire, WI           April 13

Milwaukee, WI           April 16th SPECIAL INTIMATE GROUP EVENT

Chicago, IL                April 17th SPECIAL INTIMATE GROUP EVENT

Denver, CO                April 27

Madison, WI               May 9

Chicago, IL                 May 11 SPECIAL MOTHER'S DAY EVENT

Sheboygan, WI            May 16

Milwaukee, WI             May 17

Green Bay, WI            May 18


These group demonstrations are available to limited participants so you have a better chance of receiving a personal message---tickets sell out quickly! 

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