Micheal Burt Enterprises, LLC Public Workshops

Micheal Burt Enterprises coaches and develops the talent in people and organizations by using the unique experiences of its founder Coach Micheal Burt. Coach Burt has a deep coaching acumen because of his years as a championship athletic coach combined with his entrepreneurial mindset.  

We specialize in turning: 

1) Managers into coaches

2) Entrepreneurs into people of interest

3) Sales people into superstars

4) Leaders into legacy thinkers

We solve the problems of:

1) Engagement and production

2) Obscurity and complexity

3) Underperforming sales

4) Complicated and confusing growth

Coach Burt is also the author of 9 books including the new book"Zebras and Cheetahs- Look Different and Stay Agile to Survive the Business Jungle." Learn more at www.zebrasandcheetahs.com. 

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