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Moody Street Circus is the family-run Waltham, MA-based headquarters of Sacha and Melinda Pavlata's Cirque Passion School of Circus Arts and Melina's Daughters of Rhea Belly Dance Company. We also offer circus events entertainment with our worldclass traveling circus family: cloud swing, high wire, unicycle, trapeze, aerial hoop, clowning and more.

At Moody Street Circus we teach the joy of life through circus arts and belly dance to children, teens and adults of all ages. Heart, humor and inclusive community spirit are at the core of our teaching.  We try to tap what most sparks students' interests, celebrate their strenghts, inspire them and then challenge them to work on skills, transitions and self-expression that will elevate their presentation up to performance-grade levels.  

Moody Street Circus offers world-class classes in belly dance, circus arts, and aerial arts; for birthday parties, summer and after-school programs and more for kids and adults.  No matter where you are in your life's journey, there is always room for learning new skills and having fun. Moody Street Circus is here for you when you are ready to learn to undulate, ululate or hang upsidedown from a static trapeze.

MSC Directors and teachers Sacha and Melinda (AKA Melina of Daughters of Rhea) share extraordinary family legacies in circus and dance.

Alexandre Sacha Pavlata is a fifth-generation Czech circus artist, master aerialist and world-renown circus arts teacher.  He grew up with his traveling circus family in a wooden circus wagon which crisscrossed Europe and North Africa presenting their famous unicycle and trampoline act under big tops all over the globe. From horses to high wire and everything in between, Sacha has since performed nearly every kind of circus act you could imagine, including touring with the legendary Flying Wallendas as an integral part of their breath-taking seven-person pyramid on the high wire.

Sacha's circus heritage goes back 5 generations on both sides.  His mother, Hungarian-born Anna Dubsky, came from a long line of Risley Act performers (the acrobatic foot juggling of people), and his father, Czech-born Karl Pavlata, descended from a family of aerialists known for their great physical strength and versatility in the air. More on Sacha extraordinary life and legacy in the circus at

Melinda "Melina" Pavlata, Ph.D. (AKA Melina of Daughters of Rhea) is a 2nd generation circus and belly dance artist. Her mother is belly dance pioneer Rhea of Greece, her father is folk musician singer/songwriter Phil Marsh, and her step-mother is Shakespearean actress/juggler/circus artist Cecil MacKinnon.  She grew up fully immersed in her parents' international performing lives, performing with them in the Pickle Family Circus and dancing with her mother and sister Piper (Belly Dancer of the Year 2000) on taverna stages in the ancient city of Athens, Greece.

As an adult Melinda 'Melina' has toured around the world as an aerialist, circus artist and belly dancer with Circus Flora, The Wallenda Family Circus, Cirque Rocks, Amazing Grace Circus and currently with her own circus Cirque Passion. 

Melina is currently on the faculty of Kripalu where she teaches an annual 5-day retreat "Wild Hips, Gypsy Heart: Belly Dance as self-empowerment." 


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