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Marciel Audesho


Hi there my name is Marciel Audesho and I am looking to work with heart centered businesses who are in the business of helping humanity to discover what is possible so they can live the life they love.


For the better part of my life I have experienced severe depression and anxiety and not only am I here to tell the tail I know that there are two key things that has helped me heal. 

1. My courage, having the awareness and desire to be better, to invest in to myself to get through it.
2. The support, from coaches, mentors, health practitioners, spiritual healers etc.

It is my mission to support hearted centered businesses to help more people heal their mind, body and spirit to discover what is possible.

About my skills and expertise:

I AM very grateful to have worked in and with organisations and businesses of all sizes for over 12 years.

In my career I have worn many hats from people management, training, facilitation to systemising businesses, designing best practice processes, however my main role for a number of years now has been to improve the customer experience and help businesses plan for success in their people, systems, process and channels. This space is so key, by creating capacity and designing a more efficient business you will reduce cost and improve the business and customer experience.

For the last few years I have invested my time to learn and understand human behavior, (NLP, COACHING & mBit) not only for myself, more so I could understand how I could help others.

Being a professional/personal coach and mentor has really allowed me to learn and gain valuable insights in to the personal development side of people (in business) and their challenges and what is limiting them. Giving me the opportunity to provide support, tools and resources to empower them so they feel more resourceful in themselves and the tasks ahead.

Truly look forward to meeting and working with you :) 

To get in contact

Mobile: 0416 087 804