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Lil' Steph

The Criminally Cute Lil' Steph is one of Philadelphia's leading burlesque producers and an internationally renown burlesque performer. She has been producing monthly burlesque shows in Philly for over 5 years. Lil’ Steph is producer of the lavish monthly Rasputin's Room as well as Sin Cities, Glitter Mania and newbie revue Tassel Twirling Tyros. Lil’ Steph was also the founding producer of Bravissimo Burlesque which ran from 2010-2013. Lil' Steph began performing burlesque in 2006 and since then she has performed up and down the Eastern Seaboard at numerous venues in Philly, NYC, D.C., Charleston and Boston to name a few. She has performed in numerous festivals, among them The Burlesque Hall of Fame in Las Vegas, The New York Burlesque Festival and The Caput Mundi International Showcase in Rome. Lil’ Steph has performed in 6 countries, in cities including Paris and London, performing at world famous venues like Queen Calavera in Hamburg and with Prague Burlesque at the Royal Theatre.

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