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LetsBSocial: An Inter-Global Media Network (Singles) Community

Based in New York City, Inter-Global Media Network focuses on digital media strategy and management.

LetsBSocial is an Inter-Global Media Network Community where members connect to forge strong relationships. It's purpose is to help build single people's networks via innovative media strategies, thereby increasing their chances of success in their personal lives and careers. It's not about BREAKING THROUGH THE GLASS CEILING, it's about BREAKING THE ICE.

Being in a relationship or getting married used to be the accepted "solution" to a single person's problems. I'll tell you a secret: it wasn't and isn't.

We believe it's important to first develop a support network you can rely on. Today we go through drastic life changes much more frequently than in the past, usually resulting in the need to "re-invent" ourselves. Having a network that knows us and is available at any given time, is key. It's easier to develop personal relationships when our professional and financial lives are in order.

It's hard to go it alone. I had to, and that's why we try to make sure that you don't.

In 2013, 105 million unmarried people over the age of 18 were not married. 65.1 million of them were NEVER married. 34 million lived alone. Become a member of and join in on the conversation! We will be introducing new and groundbreaking subscriptions very soon and will let you know about it here too. Right now you can become a BSocial Audience member for free! To learn more and/or join, please visit: