Inter-Global Media Network's purpose is to create innovative media strategies that place today's cutting edge female entrepreneur with a penchant for social good in the spotlight.

Women aren't featured enough in the media in a positive way, yet it's a key component in their road to success. Inter-Global Media Network has come up with a solution: the creation of LetsBSocial. It's a social media network by women for women (and the men who support their empowerment). Women connect online for the opportunity to connect live via a social network about them, and for them. They comprise the network content. Join us, and LetsBSocial!

Today, chances are that a strong social network translates into a successful business career.

According to a recent study conducted by the United States Census Bureau entitled “Single Life” and released July 31, 2012 in their “Profile America: Facts For Features”, in 2011, there were:

102 million unmarried people over the age of 18 who have never been married. This represented 44.1 percent of US residents 18 and above.
53% (54 million) of these 102 million unmarried people were women. 47% (47.94 million) were men.
62% (63.24 million) were never married. 24% (24.48 million) were divorced. 14% (14.28 million) were widowed.
16% (17 million) were 65 and older.
For every 100 unmarried women, there were 89 unmarried men.
46% of American households were headed by unmarried men or women (55 million).
28% of all American households consisted of people (33 million) living alone. This was up from 17% in 1970.

So many people out there potentially ripe for the desire “to reach out and touch someone”. Anyone old enough to remember that famous AT&T advertising slogan?

So how do we overcome the roadblocks to success? By being social! So LetsBSocial!

Not only is there opportunity to attend local LetsBSocial events, but we have now extended our reach to the travel industry along with the development of our LetsBCultures blog about discovering different cultures through food and travel. We all know that there’s nothing more social than sharing food and travel experiences with others. So LetsBSocialLetsBSocialTravel! And LetsBCultures! Have upcoming travel and/or food needs that need to be met? Ask us what we can do for you! So LetsBSocial! And stay tuned for upcoming LetsBSocialLetsBCultures, and LetsBSocialTravel events!

And btw: Our purpose remains to create innovative media strategies that place today’s cutting edge female entrepreneur in the spotlight.