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Let's Kick ASS—AIDS Survivor Syndrome

Let's Kick ASS—AIDS Survivor Syndrome is a national grassroots movement of long-term survivors, positive and negative, honoring the unique and profound experience of living through the AIDS epidemic. We’re dedicated to reclaiming our lives, ending isolation, and envisioning a future we never dreamed of.

We are dedicated raising awareness about the needs of long-term survivors and to the betterment of there lives as they age with HIV. We are Healing Wounded AIDS Warriors thorough strengthening resilience and embracing our role as AIDS Elders.

After decades of loss, grieving and facing our own mortality young we are now in the transition through midlife to aging. We are in uncharted territory and how we respond matters. 

Let's Kick ASS is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit corporation.

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