Languedoc Jelly - free coworking accessible to allUn Languedoc Jelly est un mélange de travail, de discussion, de comparaisons d’idées, de partage de connaissances, d’entraide, qui peut mener à l’élaboration de nouveaux projets ou à des collaborations. Il peut aussi ne servir à rien d’autre qu’à rompre un certain isolement tout en maintenant son activité professionnelle classique. Pour participer, il suffit d’apporter son équipement de travail et de la bonne humeur. Les horaires sont libres. La connexion Wi-Fi  est mise à disposition.

Languedoc Jelly is a free and informal coworking event.  It offers you the chance to work somewhere different and meet new and interesting people.  Wifi is provided free of charge.  There may be a small charge for refreshments or lunch - please see individual events for more details.


  • - Accessible
  • - Community
  • - Collaboration


About the Organiser:

LaFranglaise - Annette Morris

Annette Morris - LaFranglaise & LanguedocJelly

I began Languedoc Jelly in March 2011 and I organise Jelly events as a volunteer.

Jelly brings local business people together to create an informal business network - events are fun, and a good chance to connect with like-minded people that normally work from home.

Free Languedoc Jelly events can be organised by anyone that wishes to get involved.   

Please get in touch if you would like to exchange ideas about organising a Jelly event in your area.

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