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Jessica Rivera & LILA Network

In the crowded marketplace, we invite you to join a "Pay-It-Forward" Women's Networking group.

Ladies of Integrity Leading & Achieving Network

(L.I.L.A. Network)

Changing the world, one woman at a time.


This Group is OPEN to All WOMEN

The original concept of this group was to give Professional Women of Color a place to build a cooperative network, supporting and encouraging one another. Giving back to the community and helping women in transition, ensuring success for all of us; sharing the bond of sisterhood across New York.


Mission Statement

The mission of our organization is to:

  • Promote a spirit of cooperation and understanding among members.
  • Enhance one another's career goals by providing a strong network of professional contacts.
  • Share ideas and provide mutual encouragement.
  • Recognize the contributions of women in our community.
  • Serve members by acting as an information clearinghouse on career issues, such as resume help for transitioning homemakers, inspirational and motivational topics, etc.
  • Foster the development of independent and leadership driven women.
  • Encourage others to join us in our pursuits of empowering women across various industries.
  • Exercise responsibility through active participation in programs of a civic nature.

L.I.L.A. Networking Standards:

  • Members will conduct themselves in the highest regard, No Spamming.
  • Their are NO FEE's** associated with our group, only active participation is required.
  • Each Event Requires a RSVP, we ask everyone to respect member's time; no-shows are not tolerated.
  • Members are removed after 3 inactive months.

**When we cater lunch (buffet style, menus vary/but always healthy), you will be required to purchase an "event seat".**