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Jesse Ann Nichols George

Discover, Learn, Create the life you want

How does it get better than that?

I am Jesse Ann Nichols George, an Integrated Development Specialist. My work encompasses multiple fields of study and belief systems to help people create the life they desire to live. The work I do comes from:

• a lifetime of study through personal experiences
• channeling past lives and, ancestor support – I am a 13+ generation spiritual advisor, energy tuner, life/relationship/spiritual and wellness coach, wholistic and natural lifestyle advisor
• working with clients to achieve desired results and work through life processes for over 30 years
• researching and studying the influences of environment, communications, personal dynamics, past lives, religions, cultural beliefs and lifestyles, metaphysics, wholistic healing, energetics, quantum energy, herbs, astrology, numerology, fengshui, environmental design, signs and symbols, dreams and dream work, meditation and visualization, mantras/chanting/affirmations, paranormal activity and spirit communication, auras, tantra, relationships, chakras, intuition and psychic work, crystals and gemstones, tarot, past life regression, divining, laying on of hands and energy alignment
• 13 years of producing my own astrological forecast, hand casting charts, and during part of this time also had my own weekly radio segment for astrology
• Being a guest on radio stations
• Being interviewed on tv on wiccan practices
• Working on missing person cases
• Teaching courses on multiple subjects
• Creating spiritual tools and products
• Owning and operating a retail store for herbs and other spiritual products

I have 2 books published with CreateSpace / Amazon and Smashwords (ebook).

* Activating Compassion

* Activating Compassion the workbook

find out more about me and how you can create the life you want at