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IMPACT Leadership 21

IMPACT Leadership 21 is committed to becoming one of the most influential platform in transforming women's global leadership in the 21st century by developing, nurturing and producing innovative, multicultural, passionate, attuned, collaborative and tenacious women leaders -- equipped to pursue global endeavors that embody the best of our human values.  


Why IMPACT Leadership 21?

Today’s global leadership is facing a perfect storm.

Many high level positions from developed and emerging economies are occupied by a generation that is starting to see massive retirements, creating a critical leadership gap, and posing a serious threat to businesses, organizations and society.

Simultaneously, today’s global challenges and a fast-changing, hyper-connected environment require a new, transformational set of global leadership skills.  Additionally, there is a critical need for a leadership model requiring acumen for human relationships and influence – the ability to understand and deal sensitively with the human elements of an organization.  Women’s natural leadership talents, when trained and taken to the next level fit this new model.

Today’s critical leadership gap in a hyper-connected, global environment presents a huge opportunity for businesses, organizations, corporations and governments to encourage, prepare, create opportunities and invest in women to take on higher levels of leadership roles, in order to ensure success, social responsibility, return on investment and sustainability.


The Commitment of IMPACT Leadership 21


In recognizing the urgent needs of the 21st Century leadership, IMPACT Leadership 21 is committed to transforming women’s leadership at the highest levels of influence by: 


(1)   Serving as a global platform for catalytic conversations producing a blueprint that will revolutionize global leadership.

(2)   Engaging men as powerful partners and ambassadors for change.

(3)   Providing tools, resources, opportunities and channels that give women the skills required to succeed as leaders in a global environment, through the IMPACT Leadership 21 Framework.

(4)   Committing delegates and participants to collaborate and take action individually or collectively.


IMPACT represents the core values and principles required for transformational leadership:  I – Innovation, M – Multiculturalism, P – Passion, Purpose & Professionalism, A – Attunement, C – Collaboration and T-Tenacity.

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