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Grand Trine Productions/ Master Yao Nyamekye

Grand Trine Productions

Master Yao N. Morris

Founder of The Grand Trine Program


Master Yao is a Life Coach with a specialty in relationship dynamics.  He incorporates Tantra into his coaching, as an alternative path to sexual bliss, and relationship wellness.  Yao is also an Author and Energy Healer.  After considerable research, he introduced the Grand Trine System in 2011. The Grand Trine combines secrets and techniques from four tantra models. It is comprehensive. It is a five tier system, going from beginner's basic at Level I, to Mastery at Level V. Master Yao does not claim that his techniques are superior. The program is superior in the way it brings about transformation to the student. Thus the typical student is able to achieve a markedly greater net outcome.   

Yao has been a student of Tantra for more than two decades. He has taught various versions of Tantra publicly since 2004.   Yao is the author of five books including  Awakening the Master Feminine, ©2008.