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Fresh Fiction

Fresh Fiction...for today’s reader is a web site for popular fiction with new titles, daily blog, contests, over 75,000 author profiles with backlists, and over 25,000 permanently archived reviews, plus all the industry buzz of interest to readers.

Fresh Fiction publishes several newsletters daily, weekly and monthly to more than 500,000 subscribers. Popular newsletters include Fresh Pick: a reader-selected Book-of-the-day; Fresh Press: summarizes all the books and authors featured on the top 65 television / radio news and entertainment programs; Fresh Fiction News goes out weekly with articles about authors, new releases, contests, reviews, and books. Our monthly ezines are Fresh Passion for the spicier romance and Fresh Intrigue for thrillers, mysteries and suspense fans.  All content – newsletter subscriptions, reviews, author pages, book pages, contests, blog -- is free to readers.

Believing face-to-face interaction is as important as virtual communities, Fresh Fiction sponsors an annual readers conference, monthly literary events, and book clubs. Readers & 'ritas the second weekend of November in North Texas brings over 200 readers to enjoy a weekend with authors. Book clubs / Readers Groups held over 5 times each month for readers in the North Texas area.

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